Medical Services

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Our agency officers the option of medication-assisted treatment.  We believe that at times medication along with counseling can help individuals become even more successful in their recovery experience.  We currently use medication-assisted treatment to help individuals that suffer from alcohol use disorders and opioid use disorders.

Alcohol Use Disorder:

Vivitrol:   This is a once-monthly prescription injectable medication that has been found to help people stop drinking alcohol.  It is a non-addictive medication that reduces cravings and blocks the positive effects of alcohol.  Most insurance companies will pay for Vivitrol and BHS currently has a program for indigent clients that do not have insurance that covers Vivitrol.

Opioid Use Disorder:

Suboxone:  This is a sublingual daily medication that is offered to patients to reduce cravings for opioid type medications (heroin, pain pills, etc.)  This medication is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone to help prevent misuse.  The naloxone may cause withdrawal symptoms if used in combination with any other opioids. 


Subutex:  This is a sublingual daily medication similar to suboxone that our office offers pregnant women who suffer with an opioid use disorder.  This medication helps keep patients from going into withdrawals while also being approved as safe for unborn children.


Sublocade:  This is a onetime monthly injectable medication that is similar to Suboxone/Subutex.  This medication works well to help patients reduce cravings for opioids while also learning what it is like to go each day without taking oral medication. 


Vivitrol:  This is a once-monthly prescription injectable medication that is an opioid antagonist.  This medication blocks the opioid receptors in the brain and keeps opioid molecules from attaching to the receptors in the brain.  It reduces cravings and keeps opioids from having an effect.  It is non-addictive.

*It is important to note that BHSPC do not provide medication for pain management services.  Our office works with patients to manage substance use disorders with the goal to eventually taper completely off of the medications. *

How to Become a Patient:

Contact BHSPC to schedule an assessment or come in as a walk-in during normal assessment hours (Monday-Thursday by 8:30am) in order to get enrolled in counseling services.  You will have the option to request medical services at the assessment appointment. 


For any questions, you may call Angela Nicholson at 864-898-5800 or a member of our medical services team at (864) 878-9981