Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County

We provide affordable and accessible prevention, intervention, and treatment services to the residents of Pickens County.

     BHS is committed to meeting the needs of clients and believes that all persons have worth and dignity regardless of their legal, emotional, or socio-economic status. For individuals to reach their full potential, there must be a harmonious blend of all the components of wellness: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

The staff of BHS is committed to encouraging clientele to achieve their highest potential. Guidance and support for people seeking assistance is provided through a network of comprehensive services tailored to address all areas of health.

    By individually customizing programs, BHS clients are assured to receive the optimal behavioral and emotional health services.

Mission of The County Authority

The mission of Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County is to provide effective and efficient prevention, intervention and treatment services to the citizens of Pickens County for the purpose of :

  • Reducing Negative Impact of Alcohol and Other Drug Use

  • Addressing Behavioral Issues

  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Vision of The County Authority

The vision of Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County (BHSPC) acknowledges the need for growth and diversification in services. The implementation of new program development will be responsive to community needs and requirements of regulating entities. Behavioral Health Services will maintain an emphasis on alcohol and drug abuse services; however, with clinical preparation of staff, resources and accessibility will be expanded, providing quality, cost-effective services in other behavioral health care arenas. As a result, Behavioral Health Services will continue to be a leader in an integrated local health service delivery system.